Heading East

We spent our first night as “free wheelers” at friends’ property northeast of Saskatoon.  We had to drive both the new-to-us Chinook motorhome and the truck and Airstream there.  A few days later, my sister went to Saskatoon to pick up our Jeep.  So much for simplifying.  We still own too much stuff.

Our little camp in Wakaw.  (We will use the Chinook over the winter.  It will be more nimble for going into Mexico and US National Parks and BLM land.)

We left Saskatchewan on August 1st and started our journey east, back to the Niagara Region, where we are originally from.

This time, we drove through Canada instead of the US.  It takes longer, but northern Ontario is very scenic around Lake Superior.


This time, we put the girls in crates.  Poppy was still stressed, but she seemed slightly better. 

Check out our Wal-Mart Hilton in Sudbury!  What a beautiful spot with the rock wall and grass for the girls:

Love those Anderson levellers!

We arrived in Port Colborne, ON in time for the last day of Canal Days.  This is a festival which started some time after we left Ontario, so we were happy to participate this year.  Daisy even got to go on a tall ship.


We spent 1.5 weeks in the Niagara Region touring the sites.  It was fun being tourists in a place where we grew up. 

 Poppy in Lake Erie near Pt. Colborne:  
A laker passing by:  

Port Colborne Farmers Market:


Port Dover (not technically part of the Niagara Region, but still nearby on Lk. Erie):    

No trip to Niagara would be complete without a stop to Niagara-on-the-Lake:      

Canada has a short history, and I love it when the few old buildings we have are preserved. The following are plaques on homes.   

We had a wonderful time with family and friends.  Our Airstream is tucked away in my parents’ backyard.  It is a B&B of sorts — my girls are sleeping out there with my mom while we are away in Europe.  Poppy and the kitty don’t love each other yet, so they get separated at night.  Dad and Butch in the house; mom and Daisy & Poppy in the Airstream.  Thanks mom and dad!

Here is a picture my mom sent of Butch trying to play with Daisy:


One thought on “Heading East

  1. Love all your pictures of touring the Niagara Region with you, Paul and of course our dear little Daisy & Poppy ❤️ We actually live in a pretty nice area! Mum 🙆🏼


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