Leaving Main & Arlington

“We live on the corner of Main and Arlington.  The address is 902 Arlington, but the house faces Main.”

How many times did we say that over the last 17 years?


We loved our neighbourhood and especially our neighbours.  We developed such close friendships, so we hope to go back to visit often — in the summer!

Dianne & Les and also Lynne & Rick threw us parties.  That was so special.  Thank you to all!

Here is the spread that Lynne prepared.  I didn’t have my camera for either party, unfortunately.  Thanks for the pictures, Lynne!


Pulling out of the driveway for the last time:


2 thoughts on “Leaving Main & Arlington

  1. What an astonishing and inspiring story! It is so heartening to hear there are others pursuing non-traditional lifestyles, particularly at this age. Your house was absolutely beautiful. I’m not surprised it sold so quickly.


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