Upper Peninsula Michigan

May 23, 2018

Today, we got to drive along the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.  What a scenic route!

Of course, no trip through UP Michigan is complete without stopping for pasties. Mmm!  We got 3, so we had enough for lunch and dinner.

Along Lake Superior:

As soon as we turned south to drive along Lake Michigan, there were swarms of insects in the sky! It was eerie looking because at that time, a brief fog moved in for a mile, or so.  When the fog lifted, the insects were even more evident.  Here was my first try taking a picture of Mackinac Bridge.  The insects were messing with my focus.  Don’t worry.  Your screen isn’t dirty!


I thought the bridge looked more dramatic in B&W:

The toll is $4 for vehicles and $6 for vehicles with trailers.  I’ve crossed this bridge a few times, but today was the first time I’ve crossed when it hasn’t been windy.  I was fortunate that my parents took my brother and me across the continent when we were kids, so I got to cross this impressive bridge before my classmates could identify Michigan on a map.


When we arrived at our hotel for the night (West Branch, MI), Paul checked his messages.  We may be going to Alumapalooza! Someone must have cancelled, and they offered a spot to us. Unfortunately, it was too late to call.  Let’s hope the spot is still there when we call in the morning.  What is Alumapalooza?  Well, it is the most amazing Airstream event!  It is held at the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio.  There will be workshops, demonstrations, entertainment, and a tour of the Airstream factory.  That means, after we pick up our Airstream in London, ON, we will be turning back to the US.  Of course, after the event, we will re-enter ON to visit our family.  I’m a little anxious about crossing the border again with Daisy, but we have to try.

I think it’ll be a restless night for me — my new Airstream is 3.5 hours away (according to Google maps) and we may be going to Jackson Center!