First stop: Prague

We booked a trip to Eastern Europe last September.  Although this trip is not related to Airstreaming, I will still post about our adventures.  No doubt, I will find caravans to photograph!

Prague is glorious!  It combines the beauty of both Paris and Venice.  I’m overwhelmed by the architecture.  Stunning.  I can’t get enough of Art Nouveau and spires!  Spires and spires!  Prague was nicknamed “The City of 100 Spires,” but there are really thousands upon thousands.

We went to Prague Castle on Saturday without a guide, but today we went with a guide and learned so much more, and saw so much more.  Guides are worth their salt!  We also saw a white guide with her hair in cornrows, dressed in Bohemian garb (as should be expected, but it’s more common in Canada!), speaking Mandarin to a group of Chinese!  How interesting to see!  Europeans are wizards with language.

My camera wasn’t ready when I saw this beautiful Asian woman was scratching something off her bucket list.  There are many 1920s and 30s cars in the city, mostly for tourists.  This woman was dressed in full Art Nouveau style standing next to one of these vintage cars and her husband was photographing her.  She was living out some fantastic fantasy!  It was adorable.

 Municipal House  

This was the first place we stopped for Czech beer (the first stop of MANY).  It is important for its cubist architecture:    

In the golden cage, you can see the Black Madonna. 

 Stairway in the cubist building:  
Astronomical clock:


I can’t get enough of flying buttresses!    

Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia  

View from Prague Castle  

Street in the Jewish Quarter (Josefov). Basically, all the streets look like this!  

Walking to Dancing House across one of the many bridges   

Dancing House:

Apparently, the Czechs don’t like this piece of modern architecture.  They think it is an eyesore, but I had to see it. I think it’s lovely.  It was worth the walk at the end of today.

We met up with our friends from our European tour in 2014.  We were all strangers, but became fast friends.  We came to Europe again as a reunion tour.  Two couples are from Canada (SK & BC), one from the US (Minnesota), and one from Australia (Melbourne).  Here we are meeting up after 3 years apart:

Tuesday morning, we leave the Czech Republic and head for Poland.

Goodnight sweet girls.  I see grandma is taking good care of you:


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