I am a Mid-century Modern enthusiast and egg-shaped trailer fanatic.  My first trailer was a 1973 boler.  Later, I added a 1975 Surf-Side to the family.  In 2008, a new Airstream followed me home.

camping with girls

In June 2017, my 2008 Airstream had an unfortunate meeting with hail, and it was written off.  My husband and I finally handed it over to the insurance company in May 2018, when we took possession of a new-old-stock 2017 Airstream.

Why is this blog called Atomic Pod?

The mid-century was also known as the Atomic Age.  My Airstream is my escape pod, and it features many mid-century elements.

In 2017, we truly did escape our former life and became full-time RVers.

Fiberglass Surfside and Aluminum Airstream

Fiberglass Surfside and Aluminum Airstream

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