Thoughts on Prague

Czech people are very funny and they don’t take themselves seriously.  I wish I could remember the exact words from our local guide, Jana, but she said something to the effect that Czechs are really good at being second best.  They have very dry humour, even though they don’t smile much.  

Here is a statue at Prague castle.  Yes, many bronze statues get rubbed for certain reasons, like luck.  No one knows why this one get rubbed:

Prague Castle also had torture chambers.  Some instruments of torture are downright gruesome.  Here is a mild one:


The people of Prague are so industrious.  They were constantly repairing cobblestone roads and sidewalks.  There are also young apprentices learning the trade.

There are many dogs, large and small.  Many walk beside their humans without leashes!

Locals haven’t discovered Lululemon and the horror of wearing yoga pants as pants.  So refreshing!

Street food rocks!  Raclette, sausage, crepes, trdlo.  The list goes on and on.

Raclette:  melted cheese on boiled potatoes, with cocktail onions and baby gherkins.  Yes!  You’ll want to bathe in it.  Of course, this is a Swiss treat, but it’s perfect street food.

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