Sagebrush and Boulders

We got an early start this morning. It poured all night. There is nothing like the sound of rain on aluminum.  Unfortunately, the rain continued throughout most of the drive.  I’ve never seen rain in Kamloops, but I did today.  I love the approach into Kamloops.  The sagebrush is beautiful and the smell is divine!  Today, we drove the TransCanada west out of Kamloops.  This was a first for us.  We headed to Lillooet to see a campground that was for sale, but couldn’t get to it last year.

Kamloops Lake



Fraser Cove campground was for sale last year.  I contacted the owners, but we couldn’t make it.  The last I checked, it was still for sale.  This is the one campground that was most affordable to us, so we decided to come and stay a night and talk to the owners.  The host was there, and she told me the new owners took over June 1st.  Darn.  We like it here.  The campsites are small, and mostly for motorhomes, but they all overlook the Fraser River.  The river is thundering, and it’s the only sound you hear.  This campground attracts mostly Europeans, so it is very quiet.  We visited with the Dutch couple camped next to us.  They have one more night in Canada after this.  There are a few tent sites right on the river.  Interesting there are only women in the tent sites.  They aren’t travelling together, just independent travellers.

Poppy and I walked down to the beach.  There is some sand, but mostly spectacular boulders that look unworldly.



Yesterday, we passed the 50,000 km mark on the truck.  I love this vehicle, but I still wish the interior were light.  We’ve only been driving for 2 days, yet there is dust on the dash and Poppy sprinkles everywhere.  

Here are the girls in the truck.  Daisy is chillin’ and Poppy is grillin’.  Poor Poppy didn’t sleep again today.


2 thoughts on “Sagebrush and Boulders

  1. Enjoying your posts, like traveling with you! Daisy is a little sleeping beauty while Poppy keeps watch over her! Gorgeous scenery, those rocks are amazing.

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