Guaranteed Rugged

That’s the motto for Lillooet.  Highway 99, from Lillooet to Whistler, was incredibly picturesque and rugged.  There were several single lane wooden bridges, hairpin bends, and steep grades.  The flora kept changing, so we knew we were going through different climate zones.  The trailer got whipped around because when I opened the door, everything on the counter and sofa was on the floor.  Pillows have never fallen off the sofa before, but the Airstream had never experienced Highway 99 before.  Guaranteed rugged.

Fortunately, Paul had a little snuggle fest with the girls before venturing out this morning.


I think I had one of the best sleeps of my life last night.  The campground was so quiet. I got up while everyone was still asleep and took some pictures of the tent sites:

  We met the woman from Site 3 later in the morning.  She just retired, and she’s on a 3.5 month trip.  She’s from the Muskoka area of Ontario and she’s heading to the Yukon.  She said she refused to be like others who pass through Manitoba and Saskatchewan, so she stopped in parks along the way to learn about the areas.  She went to Manitou Lake in Watrous and Prince Albert National Park.  I wish we had more time to visit.  I love her sense of adventure.  The thought of being in a tent in the Yukon would give me pause.

The size of your trailer is all relative

Over the last year, we’ve been considering getting a 27FB or 28RB.  On the prairies, there is so much space, and a 28 foot trailer is relatively small.  However, in BC, the best sites are for small trailers, up to 18 feet.  Most people have B-vans or C-class motorhomes.  Now, I’m curious what Airstream has coming out in the next few months.  They are working on a little larger motorhomes than the Interstate.  Maybe we will consider it.  Our 23 footer is a little big for this rugged province!


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