Radiate Positive Vibes

We left Saskatoon at 7:30.  What a gorgeous morning!  We were dressed for summer, but Banff had other plans for us.  At Canmore, I had to get some warmer clothes out of the trailer.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen good weather in Banff.  It was cold and rainy again, but we had no plans to stay.  We drove for 12 hours today. Poppy is exhausted.  Even with the “Serenity Now” pills from the vet, she couldn’t sleep.  We are now just outside of Yoho National Park, near Golden BC.  We found a free campsite along the Kicking Horse River.  The little campground is full of seasonal workers in the rafting industry, but they thought it would be fine if we pulled up.  There are no facilities.  The site is free, and the view is priceless.

View from our door:  
Here is one of the trailers in the campground.  It’s all hand painted and the words on the back are “Radiate Positive Vibes” and “Alaska or Bust.”  What a way to improve the appearance of a White Box.

We needed positive vibes today.  Our friends adopted a 9-year-old rescue dog last month, and she went missing last night.  They searched until 2 am, but didn’t find her.  They searched all day today with leads from townspeople, and they found her this evening.  We breathed a sigh of relief.  Poor Janie was so tired and hungry when she got back to her family.

This is Janie in our trailer at the May Airstream rally:

She’s so timid and a senior, so I worried the coyotes got her.  Phew!  She’s safe tonight.

Well, with the money we saved on tonight’s campsite, we can keep enjoying cheese.  Let’s celebrate Janie’s safe return!

And, dad, if you can make it, we still have Canadian Club left, but it’s going fast.

While we were cutting the cheese (he ha ho), a couple from Texas pulled in.  These rooftop tents deploy in one motion.  So cool.  They have a yellow lab and little fluffy white dog, and they all went up on the roof.  I was being stealthy by taking a picture through our window.

Daisy is fine, but the sweet old girl gets chilled easily.  We turned the furnace on to warm her up.  The tenters are going to freeze tonight.

Good night.  Sleep tight.  

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