Little Food Truck of Horrors and Koocanusa Lake

We stopped in Cranbrook at a food truck. I ordered Mac & Cheese and Paul ordered a burger and we were going to share Triple P (Pulled Pork Poutine). Mmmm. There was one girl working there. She put Paul’s patty on the grill, and with raw beef on her fingers, she rung in our order and handed me the machine. Yup. I thought she would wash her hands and start the rest of the meal. Nope. She pulled out some stuff from the fridge, and then took another order, handled their money and carried on. I told Paul I wasn’t eating any of it and to tell her we were leaving. I left. Paul lingered a bit and saw her reach her beef-and-money fingers into the shredded cheese to make my Mac & cheese. Then, he couldn’t take it. By now, there were 7 people after us. He took her aside and said, ” I don’t want to make a scene, so I’ll speak softly, but you haven’t washed your hands while preparing our meals. That’s illegal according to safe food handling regulations. ” She gave us our $29 back and didn’t even blush. What a waste. Did no one else see what was happening?  In SK, food trucks must have 3 sinks, and one is dedicated to hand washing. Good grief. 

We didn’t drive far today. We only went a few hours further. We stopped at Koocanusa Lake at Kikomun Creek Provincial Park on a recommendation from a fellow camper in Hedley. We are so glad we stopped. Look at this view. 

The lakefront sites do not have power, but we are ok with this. It will be cold tonight, though. While we were driving this morning, it was only 5C. Brrr! Does it look cold to you?


3 thoughts on “Little Food Truck of Horrors and Koocanusa Lake

  1. Ewwwwwe, dirty girl! All bet she didn’t wash her hands after going to the toilet either. I see pretty fur nieces in all those photos 😊


  2. Would give anything for cool temperatures! We are suffering here with intense heat & humidity.😰. I wonder how many people vomited from the unclean food and thought they had the flu?! Gross! Good Paul got your money back. 👍. Beautiful campsite ~ ~ even more beautiful “grand doggies.”


  3. No it doesn’t look cold , but Temps don’t translate through computer’s ,,, YET . Good for Paul speaking up . Do I hear salmonella ??? On our way home in Sept . , freezing point temps are common , but we love it . Easy sleeping and cozy . Pretty spot . Poppy stays close . That’s good .

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