Kootenay Rockies

We left Hedley in late morning, so we made it to Osoyoos around lunch time. We stopped at a fruit stand for apples, peaches, honey, garlic, and samosas.  Yes, samosas. We just love Osoyoos and the rest of the Okanagan, but campsites are hard to find this close to the long weekend, and we had to press on to the Kootenays if we are going to make it to the rally in Alberta. 

Earlier, I tried to get a campsite at Swiws (pronounced swi-yoos) aka Haynes Point Provincial Park, but it is in hot demand. Haynes Point is a peninsula that juts out into Osoyoos Lake, and the campsites are all lakefront. We drove through the campground once before and made a note of this one.  

 About one-third from the right, you can see a forest fire burning. On the left side, you can see Haynes Point.   
Hairpin road (Haynes Point on right)


Close-up of Haynes Point 

We were going to stop at Christina Lake, but we pressed on. We are now near Salmo.  The campground is nothing special. There is a motel out front and a few full -service sites around back. A British couple own it, and she called Paul “dear.”  She said the the washroom is really clean, and it is. There is a code to get into the one unisex washroom. Inside, there are two sinks, and to the left, a shower, and to the right, a private toilet. You can deadbolt the outer door so that you have it all to yourself. She also has terry towels inside to dry your hands. She’s not into wasteful paper towels. 

We will end tonight with Daisy staring at the samosas while she waits for us to finish making dinner. 


3 thoughts on “Kootenay Rockies

  1. We loved Osoyoos too! Haynes Point would have been a great place to camp, maybe someday you will! Enjoying “traveling” with you. Daisy looks like she is enjoying herself, she is so cute.


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