Leaving Koocanusa and Attending the HAB Rally

We only spent one night at Kikomun Creek P.P., but we will definitely return. At dusk, we started a fire since the ban had just been lifted. There was a boler parked next to us. Then, in the dark, another boler pulled into that same site. They unhitched at started dragging it around the site, trying to find the perfect spot. We were giggling to ourselves, saying “sounds like boler!”  That’s what it sounds like when we move our boler in our yard or in a campsite. They are such wonderful trailers because you can pick up the hitch and drag it around!  I love the simplicity. 

In the cool drizzly morning, I took a few pictures of their camp, and then went over to meet them.  


 It turns out that I had already met the older couple at a boler meet!  They had my buttons on their curtains. I had brought over buttons to give them and invite them to next year’s meet. The younger couple was their daughter, son-in-law and grand baby. The younger couple didn’t want wedding gifts; they wanted people to contribute to their “boler fund.”  However, the parents had already secretly bought them a boler for a wedding gift!  How touching!

Creepy Barbie near our campsite. This can give nightmares!

We made our way along Hwy 3 (Crowsnest Highway) and passed Frank Slide. Due to the miserable weather, we just stayed inside this time. In 1903, a rockslide buried the town of Frank, Alberta, killing 76 people and injuring many others. 

We arrived at the Hands Across the Border rally on Friday, just one day late. The HAB is an annual WBCCI rally between the Montana and Alberta-Saskatchewan units. We were up to our axels in muck, and it was dry camping, but we had a wonderful time with our good friends. The rally was in Bow Island, AB, which is the pinto bean capital of Canada. We had a bean cook-off, so that helped keep our trailers warm. 


3 thoughts on “Leaving Koocanusa and Attending the HAB Rally

  1. Did you go through the interpreter -center in Frank ? Interesting . We went around the back side of Turtle Mountain and toured a grave yard . Historical . Creepy Barbie ???


    • We just drove by Frank this time, but we were at the interpretive centre before.
      Isn’t that Barbie creepy? Like something from a horror movie, but honestly it was less scary than the food truck!


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