Gold Rush

On Sunday afternoon, the power came back on in our section of Burnaby. We were able to do 2 loads of laundry and give Daisy a bath. On Monday, we decided to head back to Hedley to check on one of the campgrounds we viewed in June. 

As we pulled into Gold Mountain campground, Paul noticed a big RV at Riverhaven (the one we were interested in buying). The owner of GM said that it all happened so suddenly last week. It was sold and the new owners moved their RV there and were working on it. I felt crushed. Because this was a foreclosure, there was a long process, but for some reason, they didn’t follow the process, and they put in an offer; the bank accepted, and they took possession in a couple of days!  Word is they bought it for $485,000. 

The GM owners consoled us and said it was a blessing. As Paul suspected, the pipes had not been drained and blown out. When the new owners turned on the water, the campground flooded, and the man was on the phone yelling at someone. Yesterday, Paul met a man who lives on the other side of GM, and he said that one of he previous owners was a member of Hell’s Angels and that there might be some after effects from that. During my googling of the previous owners, I came across pictures of one of the men always wearing HA insignias. So, maybe our not getting the campground was a blessing, but I feel sad. I love Hedley. 

Plan B: fund our retirement through panning for gold

The GM owners provide gold pans for patrons, so that’s what we did yesterday. We had so much fun. I had beginner’s luck and found all of my flakes in my first pan. Paul found one flake in his last pan.  He has a much better technique than I do, but I discovered the flakes get trapped in plant roots. 

We will be returning to our day jobs. 

 Path down to the river from the campground.   

Poppy is waiting for me at the bottom of the path.    

Similkameen River at Gold Mountain RV Park   

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