Granville Island

This is a lovely place in Vancouver.  I fell in love with the public market.  The prices are far more reasonable than Saskatoon, and the quality of the produce and other food stuffs cannot be beat.  We stocked up on cheese and olives; however, we want to return for more goodies.  The Airstream freezer is now full of Thai curry sauces, so what we can take back with us is limited.  Sigh.


You can also buy other goods there too.  I fell in love with some jewelry made by a local silversmith.  I photographed these necklaces and took a card, thinking I would order a piece later.  However, why wait?  I ended up getting the lower one.

Other random pictures:

Shasta-esque “chip wagon” with wings!

Items in a shop called MAKE:



Overlooking Vancouver from Burnaby (Capital Hill)

Vancouver at night

3 thoughts on “Granville Island

  1. Sounds like a great market! Love all your pictures. The necklace is beautiful, glad you bought it. The “chip wagon” is so cute.


  2. I like …. No wonder Valiere’s love it there . Never to come back . And they’re surviving with no money and limited wages . No one is truly poor in Canada . Rent a basement Apt. and make it work . They holiday in Oregon — Washington —- Hawaii — Northern BC . What a hardship . They’ve never owned a house , no security and no REPAIRS . Oh my goodness — Where did they go wrong ?

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  3. I’m so jealous of the market, I’d love to buy fresh produce there everyday with my bicycle!! I want to live in the warmth 😖 The city shot is beautiful!!


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