Fox Hunting and Vancouver

This month, I joined the VOA – Vixen Owners Association. However, I am not an owner. I’ve just been obsessed with Vixens for about 3 years.  Today, we met a member of the VOA. He is a very active member on the forums.  He gave us a very thorough tour of his main Vixen and also one that he is working on.  He gave us lots of information about what to look for and modifications.  He even took us for a drive and then let Paul drive it!  What a fun morning!  I will only post a few pictures that don’t show the license plate because I don’t have photo editing software right now.  This Vixen is a very soft blue. It is lovely!


Vixen side

If this vehicle reminds you of a Delorean, you are not alone.  It was designed by Bill Collins and his wife as the ultimate retirement motorhome.  Unfortunately, only 587 were made.  It was a vehicle ahead of its time.

After our fun tour, we made it to Vancouver and met our friends.  This afternoon, we went to Gastown for lunch and touring.

Steam clock

Steam clock

Canada Place

Canada Place

We finished the evening at the campsite with wine and cheese and good friends.

5 thoughts on “Fox Hunting and Vancouver

  1. Vixen designer Bill Collins ???? Hmmm ! A Bill Collins was a designer for Pontiac and worked with John Delorean on the GTO , Firebird – Trans Am and Grand Prix’s . I wonder if there is a connection , one of the same .

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