Coast and Parks

Today, we awoke to a lot of forest fire haze, so I did not take many pictures.  In the morning, we drove to North Vancouver and went to Cypress Bowl Provincial Park. It has a lovely lookout over the coast.  Afterwards, we crossed Lion’s Gate Bridge and drove through Stanley Park. We were on a time limit, so we didn’t walk around there much, but we will go back with the dogs.  It is such a lovely refuge in the middle of the city.  

Lunch — ah lunch!  Paul wanted banh mi (Vietnamese sub), so we found a place with a good rating downtown. And wouldn’t you know it — there was a Japadog right next door!   Now, we like to be efficient, so we had both!  We are only here for one week, and there are far too many restaurants on our list. We had to double up. 

Later, we went to Deep Cove. It is a little touristy town that reminded me of Niagara-on-the-Lake, but this was on the ocean.  It is pretty famous for its fresh donuts.  Deadly!

I was quite thirsty after two lunches, so I saw a sign for “basil lemonade.”  Mmmm, that sounded good. I ordered mine, and then she gave me the price: $8.40!  It was tasty, but $2 worth of tasty. That rattled me. I nursed that drink for well over an hour. 

The smokey haze had started to lift, so I took a few pictures.    
Still a little hazy 

Dinner: Tacofino!  Yes!  I’ve wanted to try this for about 3 years. It was well worth the wait.  We had nachos, roasted cauliflower, and fish tacos. Everything was fresh and ever so flavourful.  

Check out the blown-glass light fixtures at Tacofino   

There are succulents and airplants in some of the openings.  

So, it was a hazy day jam-packed with delicious food!

3 thoughts on “Coast and Parks

  1. Sounds wonderful!!! Enjoying the trip with you! Would love to see pictures of Stanley Park. Too bad about the smokey haze. 🙀


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