We have reached the beach!

We made it to the beach:  Willingdon Beach, Powell River

We took the first ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.  We were parked next to the big logging trucks on the lowest level.  The ferry loading and unloading was slick.  They kept everyone orderly and moving quickly from each side to keep the boat from tipping.  It was very well orchestrated:

Ferry from Horseshoe Bay

Ferry from Horseshoe Bay

Here are the foot passengers getting off first.  They lined up in front of our truck.

Foot Passengers

Foot Passengers

The first ferry ride was only about 40 minutes.

Then, we drove up the lower Sunshine Coast to Earl’s Cove.  We took the Earl’s Cove ferry to Saltery Bay on the Upper Sunshine Coast.  That ferry ride was about 50 minutes.  I had taken motion sickness medication (which wasn’t needed at all), so I feel asleep before we had even started moving.  Darn.  I took a few videos of us loading and unloading, though.

Here we are lining up for the second ferry:

Earl's Cove

Earl’s Cove

We arrived in Powell River on Wednesday (yesterday) at around 5 pm.

4 thoughts on “We have reached the beach!

  1. Exactly like the Tobermory Ferry in Ontario!! I lined up the same way and the vehicles went in, in a certain way. I was only allowed on the dog deck because of Penny. How did the girls make out? Too bad you missed scenery while in your drug enforced nap haha


  2. I’ve educated myself . The ferry’s crossing the two inlets go around islands —- why it’s taking so long . After viewing a map I get it . I have to stand on the bow in the cold to avoid sea-sickness . [ Movie Titanic ] We were placed between two logging trucks on the ride to Vancouver Island . Scary ……

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