Two ferries can’t be wrong

This is Powell River’s motto.  Any town that chooses a motto like that deserves a visit.  How could we resist? Currently, the town is trying to attract people to move here.  They constructed a website which includes interviews with newcomers.  Most people telecommute or start a business because there isn’t much work here.  You can’t beat the natural beauty.  It feels quite tropical here, but maybe you should take that with a grain of salt — I’ve lived on the prairies for 20 years now.  We did laundry and hung it to dry, which took most of the day, even with the ocean breeze.  

Our campsite is on the ocean, but on a cliff.  There are some sites down below, directly on the water, but they are close together.  Ours is shaded by gigantic cedars.  We can see the water sparkling and hear the waves lapping at the shore.  It can’t get more peaceful.   The two ferries were not wrong.

This is the cliff behind our campsite.  At the bottom is the Sunshine Coast Trail, and beside that is the ocean.


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