Reach the Beach – Day 4 (Tuesday)

We had our tour of the third and final campground just before lunch. It is a gorgeous property, but small (just over 2 acres). We think that the buildings were constructed in 1999. That was probably when the hook-ups were installed. Most of the equipment was removed by the previous owners (compressor, tools, appliances, mattresses, and even picnic tables). There are 3 hotel rooms and 1 suite. Also, there is a special campsite for a campground host and a bonus site near the entrance by the hotel rooms.

Surprisingly, the house and hotel rooms are in great shape. No one had gone in and ransacked the place. Having a hotel is a little stressful because of the whole bedbug issue.

Riverhaven: office, house, motel

Riverhaven: office, house, motel

One of the motel rooms

One of the motel rooms

Kitchen of main house

Kitchen of main house

The campsites are quite close together, so there isn’t much privacy. Neither of us liked that. It is different than government campgrounds. I suppose private campgrounds have to cram as many in as possible so that they can make a living.

The hook-ups are all very modern; however, many were on the wrong side for trailers. Our friend Rick, who has stayed there before, explained that this is because many motorhomes like to nose in rather than back in. That makes sense. It would take some juggling when people call for reservations.



Since every site has full hook-ups, the wash house is small: only 1 toilet and 2 showers in each room.  This is all part of the main building.  You enter into a room where the washers and dryers once were.  To the left is the women’s washroom, and to the right is the men’s.  Both washrooms have tiled floors with modern fiberglass shower stalls.  These were among the top washrooms that I’ve seen in a campground.  Nothing was done as an afterthought.  The whole complex was thoughtfully planned.

One of the shower stalls in the men's washroom

One of the shower stalls in the men’s washroom

Diversification of Income

Below the utility room, there was a room that was only accessible from outside, down some sweet stone steps.  Now, I am no exotic gardener, but I’m pretty sure this wasn’t used to grow mushrooms.  What do you think?  I think we could grow our own strain and call it “Riverhaven Heaven Bud.”  We wouldn’t need to use the Airstream like Ricky and Julian did in Trailer Park Boys.

Root cellar

3 thoughts on “Reach the Beach – Day 4 (Tuesday)

  1. Love the kitchen in the main house and the public showers. Was it a Walter White and Jesse Pinkman set up, under the utility room? haha Campground in BC is a good cover up…


  2. Remember that ; you’re not the one camping there , so if the sites are close that doesn’t affect you . Most places are set up that way . A couple of successful grounds that we’ve been in are in Red Deer and Ft Sask , Tight spots — but full . Each only had one washroom with more than one toilet . The big rigs don’t need them . This one looks good . Great little Grow-Op …..Is this still in the Valley?

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    • Yes, this is in the Sikilkameen valley. It has river frontage with a little beach. Great river for floating in a tube. Too shallow and rocky for a kayak. Lots of great fishing.


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