The Incredible Hulks

The ocean, like Lake Diefenbaker, defeated us again!  Did it see the Hobie coming?  We had no wind, but we still went out today.  We launched at Willingdon Beach (with some difficulty), and travelled north until we came to the old Townsite where the city installed concrete ships as breakwater.  Our friend Gregory had told us about these and sent pictures from his visit.  We weren’t sure if we could get up close, but some women on the beach near the Townsite said we could, so off we went.  There is one by itself, which we were able to float right around.  The others were closer to shore.  These were war ships.  This grouping forms the largest breakwater of its kind in the world.

Trees are taking root.   

Poppy is gettiing a better look.  

The rest of the hulks:

Daisy hadn’t been feeling well earlier, so she stayed home.  Poppy was pooped and tried so hard to sleep on the trampoline, but couldn’t:


Of course, she got to go “cracker dog” at the beach near the Hulks, and that added to her sleepiness.  Here is the Hobie beached near the Townsite:


2 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulks

  1. It’s great that you can just leave the Hobie without dismantling . Good to go . Poor Daisy .

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  2. Unfortunately, we did dismantle it. We had just stopped for a Poppy crazy fest. We are camped up high, so we couldn’t keep an eye on it if we left it on the beach.


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