Alumapalooza: More Pictures


One of the sponsors of the event was Haydocy, and they brought several units for display: a 16-foot NEST (full-time front bed), a 19-foot Flying Cloud, a 27-foot Tommy Bahama, and a 33-foot Classic.  What I found particularly interesting was the WC door on the 19 footer because we had a similar corner bath in our 23D.  I loved the layout, but it would have been nicer to have a larger area when drying off.  Airstream listened and improved the door to open up the WC when in use.  Check this out:

Unfortunately, older units cannot be retrofitted because there was quite a bit of re-engineering done.

In addition to Haydocy’s display, Airstream also brought a few new models, such as the Atlas (class B+/C motorhome) and a “shorty” Sprinter van.  The Atlas is about the same size as our Chinook, but it has a slide, and the interior is far more beautiful.  It’s an Airstream after all!  The shorty is only 19 feet, so it can fit into any parking spot.  I was really impressed with it.  I’m not sure what it’s name will be when it is marketed.

One couple brought a one-off Airstream, which they called the C-Stream.  They purchased this concept motorhome from Airstream, but they had to sign waivers because of the design defects.  The unit is too heavy, so they cannot add any items to the overcab storage area.  What a find!  I really like the curves of the fiberglass.


Here is a baby Argosy motorhome and a 35-foot motorhome in for service:

We also watched the daily progress on this motorhome:


Right next to the service center is the Airstream store and waiting room.  Better than a candy store!

The Atomic Pod at the factory:


Here we are in line at the border, returning to Canada.  In our rearview camera, we saw Andy Thomson behind us:

This time, the border guard was less interested in where we lived and what we had purchased.  Her questions were about the Airstream: What is an Airstream? Why did you buy it? What makes it special? Why would you go to a meet? We were a little off-guard.  You never know what they’ll ask!  Andy said his questions were similar.

Would we go to Alumapalooza again? Heck yeah! In fact, we already registered for next year. It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad we made the effort. I love being retired because we can be flexible and take advantage of opportunities — or make opportunities. We don’t have to make rigid plans and rush to complete them to return back to work. Serenity now!

2 thoughts on “Alumapalooza: More Pictures

  1. You are the only person I know that can get that excited about an WC door!

    Apparently the border agent was protecting Canada from trailer dilettantes and just picked the wrong person.

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