A Change in Altitude


From Tucson, we travelled south to Benson and then on to Tombstone and Bisbee. In Benson, we stayed at a really nice RV park (San Pedro RV Resort). Our site was just gravel, and there were no barriers between the sites, but the sites were very large – at least 3 times the size of regular parks. The price was right (with Passport America, $20/night), but our favorite part was the birds! So many birds! We now were in a more forested area of Arizona. Also, this park also has permanent residents with mobile homes, so there were paved streets and nicely maintained yards. Because it can get cooler there in the winter, the pool and hot tub were indoors.

Benson is near Kartchner Caverns. We drove out for a tour, but you must book in advance online, so we gave up on that idea. Instead we enjoyed relaxing and cooking and spending time with our new friends, Becky and Myron from N. Battleford. They became full-timers in July too; however, they had already spent a couple of winters down south, so they are more seasoned. You can check out their blog at http://canucksonwheels.com We really enjoyed getting to know them and learning all their tips on full-timing for Canadians.

March 15, 2018


We parked in the RV lot and walked the main street in Tombstone with the girls. It’s a very pet-friendly area. I always waited outside shops with Poppy while Paul went in with Daisy in her pouch. The shopkeeper would always motion for me to bring Poppy in. We fell in love with all the native-made jewelry. Maybe next year I’ll get something.

Who’s a good girl? Poppy! She’s not in jail . . . yet!


A tough old dog in a tough town
Daisy turned 15 this month!


We didn’t go into the OK Corral because dogs weren’t allowed, but we got to see some of the actors walk down the street in that direction. It was so windy, and it added to the scene.  Look at that dust fly!


However, a water truck came to tame the dust.


Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Boot Hill. We can’t do it all in our first year.

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