Nose Art, Jeeps, and Rivets

Usually, when I refer to nose art, it is the work by Poppy and Daisy.  Daisy used to do some lovely nose art on our windows.  Poppy has taken over now.  However, today, I’m referring to the nose art on airplanes.  In Tucson, we visited the Pima Air & Space Museum.  Dogs are allowed in the museum, but we left the girls in the Chinook.  Poppy had to work on her art.

The Pima museum is the 3rd largest airplane museum in the US.  I took pictures of what I found interesting or beautiful, though these are not be the stars of their collection.

Here’s a Jeep for Daisy.

I guess this Jeep is for Poppy

More rivets than an Airstream

This wedding dress was made from a parachute


I love the elegant wings on this plane:

Built in Fort Erie, near my hometown of Port Colborne:

While we were in Tucson, we dry-camped at Casino Del Sol.  The parking lot was very clean.  They had large garbage bins for the campers and there was no limit on length of stay.  An actual campground is in the works.  It was pretty bright at night, so we had to block the windows, but otherwise, it was quieter than Mexico!

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