May the Force be with you

We entered Nevada when Star Wars: The Last Jedi opened in theatres.  There are some creative people working on highway signs.  I only photographed 2, but the rest of the scenery was dramatic:

I really needed The Force to help me get through the brief time we spent in Las Vegas. We stopped for 2 nights at the Sam’s Town KOA.  We were finally able to use our water systems, do laundry, and give Daisy a bath.  We also had delicious, over-priced New York style pizza.

Leaving Las Vegas (and not a moment too soon)

On our way out of L.V., we stopped at the Airstream dealer.  They had a Flying Cloud 26U (now called 26RBQ).  We have been studying the floor plans of these and watching walk-through videos on YouTube.  It was our lucky day because they had just received one on a trade.  It is a 2017, so as close to new as you can get used.  I got to see the new Landmark decor with Sandpiper ultra-leather.  I love the new look, and I know I can work with it, although I will miss my International.  Alas, I know I can’t have an East-West bed, so that used one is out of the question.  We would have to get the twin option.  In the brief time we were viewing the trailer, I cracked my head twice on the overhead lockers in the bedroom.  It’s a very bad design.  A little tidbit:  Over 50% of all new Airstreams are now ordered with twin beds.  Twins are available in all decors in trailers 25+ feet long.  A person used to pay big bucks to special order twins in Internationals, but not anymore.  Thanks for listening, Airstream!  We are still mulling over the pros and cons of the 26RBT or the 30 footer (queen or twin).

Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam

The engineering is magnificent.  It was a lot to take in.  The girls were not allowed to walk on top of the dam, which was good because it was very congested.

The buildings have an Art Deco aesthetic.  This section leads to the women’s WC.  The men’s WC entrance has black wall tiles.

I also appreciate the beauty of this building.  It is reminiscent of Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple in Upper Egypt:


As we were leaving, we met another full-time couple travelling in their Airstream with their beautiful dog, Bianca.  Their website is:  She is a photographer (pixel) and he is a chef (skillet).  They have been on the road since April — house-free and seeing North America!  They even traveled through Saskatchewan this summer.

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