Along for the ride

We had a white-knuckle drive through Montana and into Idaho yesterday.  However, the Interstates are well maintained.

We camped last night just south of Idaho Falls at a Flying J truck stop.  They have plug-ins for RVs for only $12 per night, and the washrooms stay open 24 hours.  We think it was a pretty good deal, although the trucks do run their engines all night.  It was cold (20F), but the Chinook retains heat fairly well.  Plus, we were able to run our Dyson heater.

We had hoar frost and fog for our morning drive.  Unfortunately, we passed the Potato Museum just outside of Shelley, Idaho.  Next time, we’ll stop for a visit.  Paul doesn’t want to stop until it is warmer.

I find Idaho to be extremely beautiful.  It is rugged and there is a lot of sage brush.  The mountains were in the distance, but the fog interfered with our view.  These pictures are from our last rest stop before crossing into Utah.  Chilly!

Shortly after crossing into Utah, just past the Welcome to Utah sign, Paul said, “The battery light is on.”  Then, in minutes (minutes!), we lost all power.  Paul pulled to the side.  Thankfully, yesterday, we got a US phone plan, so we could call for a tow.  My CAA plan wouldn’t cover us, so we had to pay out of pocket and we were 30 miles from the nearest town.

Because the tow truck cab was pretty tight, and we didn’t want to leave the girls alone in the Chinook, we asked if I could ride in the Chinook.  It’s illegal, but the driver said to stay out of view and do it.  So, I went along for the ride, but inside the Chinook!  Poppy was pretty content.  We had a smooth ride, and she couldn’t hear the scary growl of the beast that lives in the engine.  She actually settled down quite a bit.

At the mechanic’s shop, they said we could stay in the Chinook while they replaced the alternator.  I ran across the street and picked up some southern BBQ, and we ate inside with the girls.

Inside the smoker:

 We thought we’d avoid the traffic in Salt Lake City by arriving around 1:30, but the breakdown cost us valuable time.  But, all was not lost.  The mechanic told us to go into Salt Lake City to Temple Square because the light display was fabulous.  So, we arrived in Salt Lake City at 5:30 and found a parking space near Temple Square.

We never would have attempted to drive downtown in a major city with our truck and Airstream.  Look at what we would have missed.

The roof on the Tabernacle is aluminum:


Outside the Temple Square, a family was offering visitors free hot chocolate.  Mormons do not drink coffee or tea, but hot chocolate is popular.  It hit the spot.  When in Salt Lake City . . .

Later we walked through a shopping district on our way back to the Chinook.
This is a fountain, although it is hovering at 32F.

The street where we parked:

The Chinook is here:

Tonight we are staying at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. No power, so we have to run the furnace. I’m sure we will sleep well after our adventures. Tomorrow it’s Sin City.

One thought on “Along for the ride

  1. Well you certainly had a very interesting day but not the kind you would have wanted! At least the Chinook is up & running again and you are keeping warm. Hopefully you will have a smoother trip now. So glad the little girls are fine 🐶🐶💞


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