The Yellow Pot

Good things always came out of the Yellow Pot.  My parents got a yellow enamelled Dutch oven for a wedding gift.  A few years ago my mother gave it to me and I put it in the Airstream.  Whenever my mom made hand-cut fries or onion rings, they went in the yellow pot. Out came deliciousness!

We made our way south to Jordan River.  We found an ocean site.  Only 2 other campers were there.  One camper came over and introduced himself.  We went over to meet his wife and dog and talked about the area.  Such friendly people.  While we were setting up and getting things ready for dinner, he came by with a special treat:  fresh caught Dungeness crab!  He said to cook it for 4 minutes in sea water.  So, Paul went down to the ocean with the Yellow Pot.  Out came deliciousness!


We had just been discussing how we meet the most interesting people while camping, and then we met this couple.  This meal will be forever in our memories.

2 thoughts on “The Yellow Pot

  1. Aww, so glad you are making use of the yellow pot! The right person got it. Would love to have a taste of fresh cooked crab! M m m šŸ˜‹


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