Goats on the Roof

On our way back to the east coast of Vancouver Island, we stopped in Coombs.  We had wanted to stop there to go to a Dutch confectionery and shop.  To make the visit even more special, Valerie and Rick suggested we stop at a marketplace called Goats on the Roof.  Yes, there were goats on the roof!  This marketplace was a kaleidoscope of goodies!  There were international groceries, a bake shop, toys, garden items, a cafeteria, etc.  People drive to Coombs specifically to go to this place.  It is worth the drive!  We got some Italian groceries, hot sauce, pastries, and 2 big bells from India.  They are like temple bells.  We thought they’d gong gently in the Saskatoon breezes.  If they make too much noise, they’ll be going to Value Village.

 On the way, in Port Alberni.  


Dutch store:


2 thoughts on “Goats on the Roof

  1. Love the goats on the roof! 🐐🐐. It would be fun to go through those shops. That big wooden shoe is cool!


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