Powell Lake

We packed some snacks and a change of clothes (in case we got wet) and headed out for another adventure. The Bike Race was on in full force.  We watched as some heats left down the trail near our campsite, but we didn’t wait around to see who won. There are contestants from around the world. Last night, we met people from California who were cheering on a family member, and camped next to us is a couple from Switzerland who are cheering on a friend. Who knew this was happening here?  Not us!  This is a big deal.  There were 4 semis carrying the bikes, several shower trailers, toilets, massage tables, charging stations, and sponsor displays — all changing locations every couple of days for this race.  The participants pay $2000 to compete, but it pays for a moving city!

We stumbled upon Powell Lake accidentally today. I had first heard about it in a blog.  A couple from California had come here for a visit and fell in love (I understand completely).  They bought a float home on the lake and moved here permanently when they retired.  They started the blog and wrote some e-books about Powell River.  They provided my first introduction to this place.  Out on the lake, I’m sure I glimpsed their float home, but we didn’t sail in closer to check. This lake is huge. 



Float home:

How do you renovate your float home?  You hire a barge to bring your lumber and generator.  This is what we saw while we were leaving:

We had an incredible day. Daisy was feeling well enough to come along with us. Both girls are exhausted from all their fun in the sun. 

We had dinner at another fantastic oceanside restaurant called Coastal Cookery.  People were taking pictures of their meals, but neither of us brought a camera.  Our meals were beautiful as well as delicious.  I had local tuna — pan-seared, but raw inside.  

Tonight’s final picture is a trail at Valentine Mountain.  


4 thoughts on “Powell Lake

  1. Ok! Me thinks you like BC WAY TOO MUCH! I think we are going to lose you to the west coast! Can’t blame you though, after going there for years to see Joanne, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Once I’m retired I may move there too.


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