Tents, Palms, and a Whale

Daisy has been sick for the past couple of days, so we haven’t been too active.  She did have a big walk yesterday because she seemed well, but she was still sick.  Poor little thing.  Today we took it easy for her sake.

After lunch, we drove to Lund, which is at the end of Hwy 101.  We heard that a campground there may be for sale.  What a sweet campground!  This one is fairly perfect, but due to its location, we are not sure if it makes much money.  The owner has also built 2 cabins and converted a shed to a sleeping shelter for kayakers because once kayakers had arrived wet and tired and needed somewhere to crash.  They asked if they could sleep in the shed.  After that, he fixed it up into tidy quarters.  There was a couple using it today.

We stopped in at a beach that we had heard has good access for kayaks.  While we were checking it out, we got to see an orca spouting water and playing around.  Of course, I couldn’t get any worthwhile pictures.  However, it was mesmerizing to watch.

When we got back, the ferry was coming across the strait from Vancouver Island.  The town was abuzz with excitement because the racers from the BC Bike Race were on the ferry.  Many people from town go down to the dock to welcome them, so we went too.  It was almost like a parade as the racers disembarked.

Pipers welcoming the racers:

 There are 600 racers.  Here they come: 
Their gear travelled ahead of them.  During the afternoon, the race staff assembled tents, set out the luggage, stored the bikes, etc.  We were shocked to see that Willingdon Beach Park had been transformed into a tent city!


And finally, yes, there are palm trees here! 

2 thoughts on “Tents, Palms, and a Whale

  1. I hope poor Daisykins feels better! Her skin looks so red 😞
    Glad you are enjoying your trip. Is the weather hot? It is very hot back at home and lots of forest fires up north. Safe travels…


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