The World’s Greatest Waterfall

November 12, 2018


The Long Long Trailer

Fortunately, the snow in Keremeos only stuck around for a few hours and it didn’t hurt any of the flowers.  We checked weather forecasts for the coming week, and our best time to leave was today.  Snow is coming to Oregon on Wednesday, and we need to get through Deadman Pass before the snow arrives.

Deadman Pass is located between Pendleton and La Grande, Oregon, and that stretch of highway is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the US.  The best time to attempt the pass is around 10 am, after the frost has melted.  We stopped for the night in Pendleton and already there were warning announcements that visibility was down to 500 feet in the pass this evening.  We noticed a lot more frost the further south we went today.

On our way, we stopped at Dry Falls State Park, which a friend in our RV park recommended. It was stunning.


For scale, look at the kayak to the far left




Find the 2 kayaks

Click on each image to enlarge:


It was strange today because we weren’t travelling with little Daisy. It’s our first time in 15 years not to be on an adventure with her. Poppy decided to take the opportunity  to fill my lap. Yes, her dream came true and she became a lap dog. She was a lot calmer today. However, we know that she gets worse as the miles click by. Maybe cuddles and a warm lap will get her through this travelling ordeal.

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