Spotted Lake

October 23, 2018

Just west of Osoyoos, in the eastern part of the Similkameen Valley, is Spotted Lake. The lake has high concentrations of a variety of minerals. As the water evaporates during the summer, the mineral deposits are revealed and look like large spots. In the spring, the spots seemed more pronounced to me. The colors of the spots depend on mineral composition and precipitation. It’s quite hard to capture the spots by camera. I’ve tried many times. If there is a breeze or sun glare, the lake is harder to photograph. I was finally able to photograph the spots. Fortunately, the lake is only about 30 minutes from Keremeos, so we pass by every other week on our way to Osoyoos.  Apparently, there are 3 such lakes between Keremeos and Osoyoos, so I’ll try to “spot” those too.



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