East Jesus: Slab City


East Jesus is not a religious site, as the name might imply.  It is actually, an ever-expanding sculpture garden.  The artists that live in this section of The Slabs work daily on new art, which is mostly composed of refuse from around Slab City.  They work off-grid on these sculptures.  It is meant to show the public what recycling and sustainability can be.  I think it also shows how much waste were produce.  Some of the art is thought-provoking, some is funny, some is down-right crazy.



I love this MCM chair.  I feel this sculpture represents my former life when I was marking term papers while sitting on my orange fibreglass chair. 😉


Bottle wall:


Television message board: (Free thought, only $89.99)


There were several bizarre installations about dolphins.IMG_7083

and vehicles . . .

car-b-cue anyone?


and other stuff . . .

This is one of the artists personal trailer.  How cute is this?


We are thankful to Ted and Dona again, who came out to visit us on the Slabs so that we could tour East Jesus and Salvation Mountain.  We had so much fun!

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