Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Visiting Plitvice NP was a bucket list item for me.  It was established in 1949 and later became a UNESCO world heritage site.  We took a trolley to the top of park and then walked down very unnerving boardwalks.  The high up section was delightful, but as we got lower, the crowds became thicker. 

                                  As we got close to the largest waterfall, the crowds were like being at the Sistine Chapel — a place I hope never to visit again.  You see most people take a bus to the lower entrance and just walk a short distance to the biggest waterfall.  Then they clog the area while doing bizarre poses or selfies.  I’m starting to prefer selfies to these fake poses!  Today, people think they are supermodels or they are trying to get the perfect (ie fake) Instagram photo.  Are you really sleeping on a rock by a waterfall?  Does anyone believe this?  OK, rant over.  

   Because of the crowds, the government is considering reducing the number of people entering the park.  That would be a great idea.

This is a must-see sight.  Brave the crowds and go.  You can also photobomb the girl pretending to be asleep on a rock!  We did.

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