Silver in Silver

Our “silver” anniversary is on Wednesday November 2.  How can that be when I only feel like I’m 35?

Since the Airstream insurance flips from road insurance to storage insurance tomorrow at midnight, we decided to have an early celebration.  What better way to celebrate our 25th anniversary than in our silver clubhouse!  

Paul turned on the furnace to warm it up while I put together an appetizer plate.  Earlier in the day, we had chilled the wine.  Then, we took the girls outside with us and spent an enjoyable few hours before having a late dinner.  

The wine

Years ago, Paul encountered a couple discussing a certain wine in the liquor store.  He asked them about it, and taking their recommendation, bought a bottle.  It was truly the nectar of the gods!  That wine was probably our introduction to good wine, though it wasn’t expensive.  It was back when Wolf Blass wasn’t the commercialized wine it is today. It was back when Chardonnay was “buttery”, not “crisp”, as it is today.  It was a 2002 vintage.  Later, when our liquor store was clearing it out, no doubt for the “crisp” Chardonnays, we bought all that they had.  

We enjoyed all the bottles, but saved one for a special occasion.  However, we kept forgetting about it on each special occasion: when we bought the Airstream, when we celebrated our 20th, when we found a place we wanted to call “home”, etc.  Yesterday, we decided that today would be the day. 

Was it worth the wait?

Look at that color!  My tumbler is vintage smoke glass, but you can still see the rich Amber.  The wine was so smooth and rich.  It reeked of caramel and slipped down like butter!

Why is the trend in favour of crisp Chardonnays?  Crisp = sour.  There is nothing like a buttery Chardonnay!

The girls couldn’t care less about the Chardonnay.  They were eager for the nibbles.


On the weekend, it is supposed to be 17C, but sadly, we will not be able to use our silver clubhouse.  

We eagerly await spring.  Till then, have a cozy winter!