Touring Havre, MT

On Friday morning, we participated in the Havre underground tour called “Beneath the Streets.”  It is similar to the tour in Moose Jaw, SK. These were definitely cellar rooms, but the ones in SK are mostly tunnels. The largest room was the brothel. They had some beds set up, but not authentically because they spaced them further apart. On the walls above the beds are the original numbers where “transactions” occurred. There were curtains between the beds. Did the lack of privacy add ambience?
 Here are some more reputable businesses:

In the afternoon, we went to Fort Assiniboine.  Our guide was so passionate about local history. I was most fascinated by the Buffalo Soldiers.  They were an all black regiment. Also, there was close cooperation between this fort and the forts in Western Canada. 

We ended the day with this glorious sunset and rainbow. 


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