Rally Ready!

Every time we go to a WBCCI rally, people have such cute bags to carry their plates & flatware to the dining hall.  I usually use a cloth grocery bag for mine, but I wanted something more organized, and well, cuter!  This is what I made today for our rally in Montana next weekend.

It’s a reversible bag!  One pocket has a divider for 2 sets of flatware.  The other pocket can fit hand wipes and napkins.  The fabric pattern is by Paige Bridges.  I have purchased some of her art in the past.  I love her style!

I added darts to increase the capacity.  The bag can hold our square or round plates.  I got the bag pattern & tutorial from verypurpleperson.com

 The corduroy side has the divided pocket:  

 I will store the handles of the flatware up.  This will most likely be the inside of the bag.  

I tried my best to match the fabric pattern on the body to the pattern on the pocket:

Not perfect, but good enough.    
And, yes, I made it big enough to fit wine and wine glasses. 🙂 

Now, I hope our truck will be back from the shop, or we might have to take the boler.  Gasp!  

The girls have vet appointments on Friday to get their International Travel certificates.  Montana here we come!

3 thoughts on “Rally Ready!

    • If necessary, the Jeep can pull it. Poor Jeep. We’ve worked it so hard. I passed the 200,000 km mark on my Dolls & Dogs trip. Not a lot of kms, but it did pull the Airstream for 7 years. It needs new tires and they desperately need balancing.


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