Victoria — Canada’s most beautiful city?

We stayed an extra day in Jordan River because you do not get ocean sites too easily and it gave Paul an extra day to enjoy the Hobie.  On the first day in Jordan River, it rained, so we drove to Port Renfrew.  It was too misty to see anything.  It was a wild drive again, so I was glad that the Airstream was safely parked.

 We arrived at Goldstream Provincial Park one day late, but our reservation was honoured.  We have been spending time with our first friends in Saskatoon: Darren and Jennifer.  Of course, they work during the day, but we see them right after work.  On the first evening, we went to a New York pizzeria.  Oh, so wonderful!  The pizzas were 20 inches and only about $22.  Victoria has maintained its heritage buildings, so we had ambience as well as delicious pizza.

I had always thought Ottawa was our most beautiful city, but after seeing Victoria, my mind has changed.  

BC Parliament buildings 
The Empress Hotel  


Float homes 

After visiting The Butchart Gardens on Tuesday, we went to see Kris and Liane, the retired couple we met while camping at Jordan River.  We spent a lovely afternoon with them.  Kris showed us his workshop and some of the furniture pieces he has made.  We also learned he paints and does metalwork!  All with one arm.  He has a prosthetic on the other.  I hope to meet them again some day.  We really enjoy their company.   


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