Little Qualicum Falls

Upon pulling into Campbell River, we noticed a laundromat.  It’s been so damp that our towels were getting ripe. I used a little box of Tide Original we had stored in the trailer.  Oh, how I love that scent! Why did Tide have to change the “original” scent and call the new scent “original”?  I can’t wait to crawl into fresh pjs and sheets tonight.

We didn’t make it to Tofino.  We will get there tomorrow.  We are glad we stopped. We want to see Cathedral Grove tomorrow, and Little Qualicum Falls is the closest provincial park for camping.  We set up camp right by a trail head. 

On the trail, I felt like I had walked into an Emily Carr painting.  It was breathtaking.

Here is a view from our Airstream door.  You can see the bridge to the start of the trail.   

Enjoy the splendour!


Of course, the trail leads to waterfalls.    

Daisy held up with the falls in the background.  Paul is the shih-tzu king. 

I’ll finish tonight with a picture that Valerie took of the four of us yesterday.  I miss them already.


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