Campbell River: Day 2

Let there be sun!  In the morning, we hiked some of the trails in the Elk Falls campground and did some geocaching.  BC Parks are full of caches.  We came back to camp for lunch and to solar charge the dogs and the Airstream batteries.


Then, we went to the harbour.


This Kwakiutl Bear Pole was erected in 1966.

Later we met Rick and Valerie for a strenuous hike and a reward of Thai food.

  The Campbell River



Hot red happy faces.  


   The slugs here  are mammoth.  They must grow in the rain.    On our first night, Valerie was picking them up in her yard by hand and throwing them into the green space behind their house.

  Modern petroglyphs

  Paul and Rick near the water tower

One thought on “Campbell River: Day 2

  1. Stunning scenery!!! Love seeing the dogs getting recharged! 😘 Slugs look very healthy keep them there! You & Paul look like you are thoughly enjoying BC. It is so lush and green, so beautiful! Totem Poles are so cool! 🌲😊


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