Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

We arrived at the ferry terminal in Horseshoe Bay almost 2 hours early.  We did not think they’d park us, but we were not the first to arrive.  We got an excellent spot on the ferry next to a tour bus.  We had been a little worried about getting a gouge on the Airstream.  A couple in a campground showed us a gouge on their motorhome.  We told the attendant and he said, “Don’t worry. I’ll put you in a good spot.”  We were right at the front.  Great spot.

We had good luck with the ferries last year too.  The workers are so incredibly friendly and eager to please.  They must be valued by their employer, so they are happy to do their jobs.

We moved Daisy’s bed to the top of the kennel so that she could look out.  She was pleased, but oh so sleepy.

It has been very cool and rainy. We always keep a coat in the Airstream “just in case” for Daisy.  She has worn it every day.  Unfortunately, her humans didn’t pack warm coats for themselves.  We have been going “German” and wearing socks with our Keens.  However, we didn’t pack enough, so we’ve been trying to get 2 days out of every pair.  Eek!

Approaching Nanimo:


We drove north to Parksville.  I had made reservations at Rathtrevor Beach PP.  I think this is the most beautiful park we have ever camped in.  Most BC PPs don’t have power or other hook-ups, but the scenery makes up for it.  Upon arrival, we asked if there were better sites than the one we reserved available.  He said, “You can’t get better than that one.”  It turns out, the beach is right next to us, about fifty feet through a forest path.  I thought we’d have to go down a cliff, but we are level with the beach.  

 The roads are paved within the park.  

Dogs are allowed on the section of beach near us, but not during nesting seasons.

   Poppy enjoyed the beach, but she drank way too much sea water.  Fortunately, she did not get sick.


Check out the bird on the right watching the kayakers.


We saw this memorial sign on the side of a bench overlooking the ocean.  I totally understand it.

In the early evening, we went out for provisions.  Look at what I found:



I’m not sure how good it will be, but what marketing!

Let’s hope the weather is favourable for going out in the Hobie today.

2 thoughts on “Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

  1. What spectacular scenery! 🌲 Daisy looks all cuddled up in her little coat! Poppy seems to love the ocean! Wish I was there too!


  2. Wine is wine , can’t refuse good marketing — better than Royal Red . Cute Daisy ….. Poppy having so much fun . Too bad no Power … the perfect spot .


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