Leaving the Coast

We got up at 5:15 on Thursday to break camp and leave on the first ferry from Saltery Bay.  Our timing was perfect.  We made it to the second ferry nearly 1 hour before embarkation.  This is the recommended time, especially for RVers.  We had reservations for that ferry, also recommended.  As we were pulling out of the Willingdon campground, a snapped a few pictures of The Beach Hut, the final business we looked at.  It was always too busy to see the inside, but we had a sufficient amount of ice cream there to understand how the business operates. 
 Last week, when we got off the first ferry in the Lower Sunshine Coast, we saw two Click Modular homes.  I was happy that we had enough time on the return trip to take a few pictures.  You can’t see the butterfly roof, but it has it.  You can get many configurations or completely customize a home.  I love the MCM aesthetic. 
It was a good thing we arrived so early for the second ferry because there wasn’t enough room for everyone.  Also, we were delayed because a bus going in the opposite direction got stuck on the ferry.  It took nearly an hour to move it.  Phew!
The traffic in Vancouver was miserable.  I wish there were a way to catch the ferry while avoiding Vancouver traffic.  We hit the Coquihalla at 3 pm and decided to give it a go, even though it was 37C.  The new truck did it without any problem.  The poor VW Westfalias had a tough go.  Several were pulled over with the engines covers up.  The speed limit is 120 kph.  Today the Coq was shut down due to a vehicle catching fire which started a forest fire!
It was hard to find a suitable campground.  We ended up stopping in Sorrento in the Shuswap. It was a very long day. 
We were so happy to have reached the Shuswap yesterday, because today we spent so much time stopped for road construction.  In Yoho, we were stopped for about 1 hour.  It was almost a party atmosphere.  We all got out of our vehicles.  It’s too bad that we didn’t open the Airstream to start a chip wagon. Many people ran to the woods to answer the call of nature.  We didn’t offer the trailer. 
Later, we were stopped outside of Calgary, but there was no party atmosphere.  We finally made it to Airdrie after 7 pm.  We were hoping to meet friends here, but after all the traffic stops, it just got too late.  We are staying at Sam Walton Estates with many other campers and horses.  There is a nice trail nearby, so we took the girls for a walk.  Tomorrow we will be back home, where we will see and smell all the smoke from the forest fires.  What a sad situation for all the people and wildlife that have lost their homes.  It is thundering here, so let’s hope the north gets some rain. 

3 thoughts on “Leaving the Coast

  1. Stopped traffic ! We were in that on #3 going to Trail . Wait an hr. or so , no where else to go , sit on the hill and watch the action , follow the Pilot Car , stop for another hr. or so . Takes a good part of a day just to go a few miles .

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  2. We had some rain last night but not enough for the fires. The smoke isn’t so bad now and the smell of burning wood in the air has dissipated. Although, there has been more fires spreading. Weyakwin was hit yesterday and another nearby lake. Such a sad week. Your trip photos look beautiful, have a safe trip back!
    And Dad, I remember all the construction we hit when travelling to BC too haha


  3. Lisa, great blog and photos. You are telling and showing Sandi and I about a part of the world we need to visit. Hopefully we will be able to visit your world soon.

    It looks like you, hubby and pooches had a great trip. You are all Ol’ Salts now after the ferry and boat rides.


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