Open road


This is one of the first adjectives that Canadians use to describe Saskatchewan.  Yes, it’s true that some areas are fairly flat, but in actuality, Saskatchewan has quite a diverse topography.  While we don’t have the Rocky Mountains, we have rolling hills.

You can see your dog running away for three days!

He ha ho!  I guess we could.  These wide open spaces give me a sense of freedom.  How can you feel boxed in when you see scenery like this?

I can see for miles!

I can see for miles!

We grew up in the Niagara Region.  Oh, it is a lovely place!  However, when we saw the beauty of the prairies, we were smitten.

Saskatchewan is the Land of Living Skies.

I thought it was fitting to open my blog by showing the world the open roads of this great province.  Your Airstream is welcome here.

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