How does it feel?

Bob Dylan asked:

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be without a home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

I guess it feels like a rolling stone with a rolling home.  We’re houseless, not homeless.

We’re now full-time RVers!  July 31, 2017 was a momentous day.  I could not write about it until everything was finalized and we closed on our house on July 31.

Back in January, Paul lost his job, which he loved.  It was the main reason why we had stayed in Saskatoon for so long.  When he came home that day, he was in despair.  My reaction wasn’t typical.  Though I felt disappointed for him, my eyes opened in wonder, “So does this mean we’re free?  Really free?”  Then, the wheels were set in motion.

We bought our Airstream new back in 2008 with the intention of eventually full-timing.  Because we are too young to retire, Paul kept sending out his resume, much to my disappointment.  It’s really hard to imagine a career cut too short.  Nevertheless, we started selling off our clutter to get the house ready to sell in the spring.

Our house listing with photos went live on May 17 at 10:00 am.  At 10:30, we had a call that there would be a viewing at 3:30.  We picked up the dogs before the viewing and went grocery shopping.  At 4:00 Paul got a job offer and he accepted it.  We decided that if it was a fulfilling job, we could stay in Saskatoon for 5 more years, as was our plan before that fateful day on January 4th.  While we were unpacking groceries, we got another call for a second viewing.  No cooking for us.  We packed up the dogs again and went to dinner.  While we were paying our bill, we got an offer from the first viewer!  What?  How could this be happening so quickly?  What would we do?  Paul had just accepted a job.  We never thought the house would sell in hours.

(Photos by, our agents)


Living room





So, there we were.  Paul in a new job and a house closing set for July 31.  But, life threw us another twist.  A few days later, my employer sent out a message to everyone in my union that on June 1, they were offering an Incentivized Exit program.  Yes, I could apply for a buy-out.  The applications would be considered and the employee would receive either an acceptance or denial on — which date?  You guessed it!  July 31!

My application was accepted!  So, here we are!

How does it feel?  Amazing!  Let’s call this a “soft retirement.”  I’m still in my late-40s, but I’m ready to change my life path.  Right now, the path is the Trans-Canada highway.  We are heading to visit my parents in the Niagara Region.  They get the pleasure of watching the girls while we head off to Europe on a trip we planned one year ago.


3 thoughts on “How does it feel?

  1. Love your story! Being a mother I’ve been so stressed over this drastic change in your life but after reading your story I feel a little bit better. If it makes you happy 🎶


  2. Hip, hip hooray, another chapter in your book of life finished and an interesting new one is about to begin. Congratulations on making so much of what happen go so smoothly (at least on the surface) and taking positive steps towards changing to a lifestyle you both want. What could go wrong that the two of you couldn’t deal with now that you are both older, wiser and more experienced.

    Give it a go to see if this is what you want. Remember, there is always a place here in Minnesota for you to park, plug-in and water-up (dumping might be another issue!). Sandi and I would love to meet you both real-time and hear your adventure stories. You’ll have plenty of them I’m sure and as only you could tell them.

    Tomp & Sandi


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